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AI and GetResponse – New Updates That Will Blow Your Mind

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AI is not here to replace humans, not just yet, but what  it can definitely do at the moment is making your life  way easier. As other platforms GetResponse works hard in using the latest technology in other to be more effective, save time and giving the best possible outcome to those using their services. 

By harnessing the capabilities of AI within GetResponse, all size of businesses can revolutionise their email marketing campaigns. With AI-powered tools at your disposal, creating engaging and personalised mail campaigns becomes really easy. These intelligent systems can analyse user data, segment audiences, and suggest content ideas that resonate with individual recipients.

One of the key benefits of using AI new features with GetResponse is its ability to minimise time spent on campaign management. With automated workflows and predictive analytics, you can save valuable hours that would have otherwise been spent on manual tasks. From scheduling emails to tracking performance metrics, AI takes care of the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on what truly matters – crafting compelling content and building meaningful connections with your audience.

So whether you’re a small business owner looking to optimize your email marketing efforts or a seasoned marketer seeking innovative solutions, embracing AI within GetResponse is a game-changer. It empowers you to create impactful mail campaigns while minimizing time spent on tedious administrative tasks – ultimately driving better results for your business in this fast-paced digital era.

This all sounds very good on the papers, but let's break it down for a standard and average human being.
What can the new AI futures bring to current GetResponse users?
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Elevate your marketing efforts to new heights by experiencing the convenience and effectiveness of automated content creation. With this game-changing addition to your marketing arsenal, you'll enjoy seamless campaign management and increased engagement from your audience.

Subject Line Generator

This feature is available for all paid plans  with GetResponse. It is a game changer. Remember the days you were trying  to find the best subject for your emails? Remember the emoji/no emoji dilema, that is now over with AI and GetResponse. 

With this cutting-edge feature, customers can take their email marketing to new heights by increasing open and click-through rates. With this new technology you can copy and paste subject lines and test  which one works better by  running A/B Test  and have an overview about your audience. 

AI Mail Generators

This is one of the new features which we find  really amazing. With this update you can use AI to generate email content. You  could possibly do  that before using other apps., well, now it’s integrated with GetResponse. You will be few clicks away from creating engaging content in your emails. You just need  to type the keywords that better suits your email, your goals,  choose how you want to communicate with you audience, customise and send, and that’s it, job done!!! AI will do the rest. 


Autoresponders Generated with AI

Many people think autoresponders are over-rated, many others think they are under-rated; hence very important for your email marketing campaigns. Whichever side of the story you are, one thing is sure, they are useful, and most likely you had, are or will use them. With  your GetResponse paid plan  you will be able to create engaging and sector-specific auto responders. You will be able to reach out to your subscribers with AI optimised autoresponders.

With this recently updated feature, you will increase your email open rates, create stronger connections and all of this in literally no time.


AI Landing Page Creation

This is for us the jewel of the crown for GetResponse after the AI updates. 

Imaging creating high quality with beautiful designs landing pages that matched your audience interest in a matter of minutes with just few clicks. You are  now able to create landing pages with stunning templates which are mobile optimised and SEO optimised using AI. 

Use your creativity with our Drag-n-Drop editor and create unique landing pages that convert. Use all available settings and tools to make sure you rank high on search engines.  Make sure you monitor visitors behaviour and pages performance to  run A/B  test  and increase engagement. 


Know Your Customer | Ares Cloud

AI Check List and AI Campaign Generator

With the help of our AI Campaign Generator, creating a professional campaign is now a breeze. By following our simple checklist and providing relevant keywords, business details, and audience specifications, you can expect custom campaign assets tailored specifically for your needs.

GetResponse AI-powered system will generate a compelling landing page that captures the essence of your business and engages your target audience. Additionally, you’ll receive a thoughtfully crafted welcome email that helps establish a strong connection with your new subscribers. And to keep your audience informed and engaged, our AI will also create a captivating newsletter that showcases your latest updates and promotions.

Start Creating Campaigns Like a Pro With 4  Simple Steps

  • Name your campaign. Make it easy to remember
  • Get your message through. Tailored to your audience with few clicks. 
  • Make it pretty. Choose the design that better suits your  campaign or company
  • Check & Send.  AI has just created a high converting campaign for you.

AI Push  Notification Generator

Native web push notifications to bring your visitors back. This amazing tool will help you to get visitors engaged by promoting your offer and convert even more. It is well  known that returning visitors are more likely to convert the first time visitors. That is where AI Push Notifications feature comes into place.

Not only that but this tool can also help you converting first time visitors into regular customers by sending them quick and hard to miss messages. This will obviously increase your marketing campaigns efficiency and as final result engaging more customers and eventually getting much better results.

Check How Push Notifications Work HERE

AI Assistant  For Paid Ads

This last, but not least feature is one of the things marketers were desperately asking for. With the new AI update for  GetResponse,  will help users to grow really faster. You  will be able to do so by running targeted  Google and meta ads campaigns directly from your GetResponse account. 

You  will be able to create goal optimised campaigns with our  ease to use editor in a matter of minutes. This will help you saving time with AI powered generator that creates  high  quality and converting content for your custom audience based on your segmentation. 

We have been using GetResponse for a while now and we can only be happy with how easy and user friendly the platform is. Compared to other email marketing platforms, it is in our opinion the best value for money. Now with AI it’s a winning horse. 

We understand you can only discover that by trying it yourself. Got on this link and start now. We can guarantee you will not regret it.  


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